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Our Story

Marilyn and Michelle

Get to know us.

Premier Claims Management, LLC (“PCM”) was founded by Marilyn Bonetati after serving for years as coverage counsel for insurance carriers and defense counsel for insureds.  In addition to successfully defending insurance companies and their insureds in numerous actions, she worked closely with industry underwriters, MGAs and coverholders to draft policy language and endorsements for their insurance programs, making sure that the policy afforded coverages desired and eliminated coverage for risks not intended to be covered.  Because of her unique understanding of the insurance industry and policies, she was approached by carriers and was asked to start a claims adjusting company.  Her clients intuitively noted that there was “no better person to adjust the claim than the person who wrote the policy.”  Those words continue to resonate with truth today and have driven Marilyn to create a company of claims professionals who understand coverage and policy provisions so that insurers and insureds alike receive top notch claims service.


Marilyn has carefully handpicked her staff to ensure that all ongoing service is the pinnacle of the industry.  She employs several attorneys who have expertise in coverage, including drafting and interpreting policy language.  She also employs other claims professionals who maintain licenses in their own right and who hold bachelor and graduate level degrees.  Many of PCM's professional staff have 20+ years of experience.


As a claims service provider, Premier Claims Management, LLC provides services for all types of programs, including Construction Defect, Medical Malpractice, Advertising Injury, Products, Employment, Professional and General Liability, Real Estate, Home Inspectors, Agents & Brokers Errors & Omissions.  Because of our background, we are uniquely qualified to assist in making coverage determinations as we understand the insurance policy and goals of the insurance industry.  This gives us the ability to reduce claim costs and provide effective service and reporting in the adjustment of claims.


We look forward to working with you on your programs!

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